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Frequent Answers & Questions

What is ContentBrazil?

ContentBrazil is the first media marketplace designed especially for organizations that want to purchase, custom-order and produce Brazilian multimedia content for a variety of platforms.

What does ContentBrazil do?

ContentBrazil provides high-quality media content tailored to the needs of editors, producers, researchers, designers, PR and marketing department personnel and advertising executives. We produce tailor-made content in television, radio, internet and mobile formats. We also syndicate Brazilian soap operas, films, documentaries, television programs, multi-part series, news reports and video archives. In addition, ContentBrazil can provide staff and equipment for foreign productions in Brazil.

How does ContentBrazil work?

ContentBrazil works like your own Brazilian agency or correspondent´s office. We help you undestand Brazil and either find the best content for your needs or devise the best way to produce unique content for you. ContentBrazil manages the whole production process, from idea generation to post-production, in order to guarantee the highest technical and editorial quality in the final project.

Why should I use ContentBrazil?

No one knows Brazil as well as ContentBrazil does, so we can produce and deliver a media product more quickly and easily than anyone. In fact, we often are working on your content before you know you need it: by the time  something is listed in our  Upcoming Stories section, the whole production process has been started. We have selected the needed footage, made the main contacts and assigned a crew. In addition, according to Brazilian law foreign companies shooting film and TV programs in the country must enter into a partnership with a Brazilian production company registed with ANCINE.

Can we co-produce with ContentBrazil?

Clients are free to send a reporter, a producer or a larger crew and complete their production with equipment and multilingual staff from our Media Concierge center. Or they can edit the project through our website, without spending the money on traveling to Brazil. The idea is to reduce production costs while fulfilling (or surpassing) the client´s editorial and technical standards.

What if we already have a local office?

ContentBrazil can help your local staff with facilities, contacts and crew.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on how large the project is, whether it is tailor-made, and the distribution rights required. Request a quote at our Custom Content tab.

How does ContentBrazil get paid?

For the Readymade Products, payment depends on the original rights holders. For Custom Content, ContentBrazil requests a 50% downpayment on order and the balance upon delivery. Because of the amount of preparation work and staff hiring needed for Custom Content, confirmed orders forfeit the downpayment upon cancellation. Payments are made through bank transfer or deposit.

How are final products delivered?

In general, final products are delivered via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), satellital tape play-out or UPS/FedEx.

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